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<p> <p align="justify"><b>NEW: The summer issue of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS magazine ...</b> <p> ... is focused on trust and carries the title "nobody believed it - faith". <p/>

The brand new summer issue of the LIFESTYLEHOTELS magazine THE Stylemate is available as a single issue for € 7 incl. shipping.

This issue's topic is nobody believed it - faith:

but we did do

When it felt like the world was changing constantly from one minute to the next, and it seemed that any long-term plans would have to be thrown out the window, we joined the journey into the unknown and decided to make this issue of THE Stylemate more spontaneous and experimental. You’ll see that there isn’t a person looking up at you from the front cover as usual – instead, we commissioned emerging artist Alessandro Painsi to think about creating something different for it.

We believe that everything will be OK, because we believe in people and have faith in what they do, and that’s what this issue of THE Stylemate is all about. We discuss human nature and talk about people and what they do, what they dream about, what inspires them and what drives them. They are people that inspire faith, both in themselves and in others.

Have faith that you’ll find some wonderful stories to read and, as usual, be inspired by our selected hotels for real experiences (and travel)!

Schmiedgasse 38
AT-8010 Graz
Tel: +43(0)316/83 88 88
Fax: +43(0)316/83 88 88 - 22
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